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(Note: This is English version. If you want to see Korean version, please visit http://ko.sdndev.net/10.)


There was the first local OpenStack Upstream Training in Korea on February 18, 2016, Thursday.

It was announced with OpenStack Days Korea 2016 (http://event.openstack.or.kr/program.html).

The announcement for OpenStack Upstream Training in Korea 2016 is as follows:


TrackV : OpenStack Upstream Training
Overview It is great honor to hold the brief version (160 minutes) of Upstream Training, which originally takes two days.
Upstream Training is designed to be practical for OpenStack Upstream Open Source developers. More information on Upstream Training is available on http://docs.openstack.org/upstream-training/ 
This local training is organized with shorter version of official Upstream Training, with Korean translated slides.
Date & Time February 18, 2016 (Thu), 13:00~16:10 (total 160 minutes)

Online engagement (e.g., IRC, Mailing List, Slack, ...) is recommended.
Location Track V (Ruby&Jade), 3F, Jamsil Lotte Hotel    See location
Expected # of Trainees 30 people Early registration is needed    Early registration
Fee Free (requirement: OpenStack Days Korea 2016 registration)
Preparation Laptop with Wifi
(Recommended: Ubuntu 14.04 + 4GB RAM VM for DevStack)
Staff Ian Y. Choi (preparation, training, assistant)
Stephan Ahn (preparation, training, assistant)
Sungjin Kang (preparation, training, assistant)
Namgon Lucas Kim, Junsik Shin, Jungsu Han (GIST - attended Tokyo Upstream Training, assistant & mentoring)
Reference 1. OpenStack Upstream Training Official Document (docs.openstack.org/upstream-training)
2. My OpenStack Upstream Training Experience (before Tokyo Summit) by Ian Y. Choi
※ The detail schedule is subject to change.


Total 35 people were pre-registered for the training, and 29 people attended. Among of them, 24 people actively participated in the training with Etherpad and Ubuntu VM.


Photos were taken by ujuc! :) Also, you can find Etherpad on https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/upstream-training-korea-2016 and translated slides on http://docs.openstack.org/ko_KR/upstream-training/.







Thank you very much for all the attendees, and I really appreciate overall help from many staffs!

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