(Recovered from my old article - originally posted on 2014.07.26 22:20 KST)


I have finished the draft translation of "RYU SDN Framework", written in Japanese & English.


HTML: http://ianychoi.github.io/ryu-book/ko/html/

PDF: http://ianychoi.github.io/ryu-book/ko/Ryubook.pdf


This book was published in Japanese first, on the early of this year


and after several months, the English edition of this book was also published



I'm not good at Japanese, but I mainly used Google translator (http://translate.google.com).

So please give me feedback through github (https://github.com/ianychoi/ryu-book/).


Currently, the PDF edition has line-feed problems.

I think it is because of the conflict between ko.tex & listings packages used in Latex,

but it is a little bit difficult for me to solve this problem..


I hope that more Korean developers will read this book and contribute to SDN worlds!


Note: Ryu is a SDN controller written by Python, and supports various OpenFlow versions: 1.0, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4.

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